Unravel the world of laminates, are you ready for an adventure?
Rang Décor

Laminate designs crafted with refined taste.

Bern is a brand name known for its chic stature of product lines, with a varied palette ofshades, patterns and finesses available in the laminate products.

The brand itself stands erect on its vision of building a space which is both a soulful and a modern experience. Tell your story with your space.

Decorative PVC laminates with its visionary line of alternatives provides you with a world wrapped in art for you to walk around and cherish!

134 +

A window portraying the skies of tomorrow. Let's together build the impossible with a hint of betterment.

Bern introduces to you a world of ethereal beauty

Pvc laminates with design and quality induces in your world art fluidly, with hues and concepts the product line ensures to take care of your dream of a forever with assured quality standards.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.

Walk through the world we built for your luxe!

Rang Décor